And they called it Puppy Love!

On the BBC One Show was none other than Donny Osmond.

Mummy made us pose as if we were watching the show – she wanted to submit our photo to the One Show. LOL!img_8139But we weren’t really into Donny.img_8154Oops! Sorry, Donny. img_8157You didn’t hear that.

Life is back to normal … we’re at home watching telly.

Who knew that Mummy’s favourite song “Puppy Love” sooooooo many years ago would one day translate into REAL puppy love!img_5381May’s comment:  A (former) “friend” once said to me, “Some people confess that they are drug addicts or alcoholics. YOU confess to be a Donny Osmond fan.”  LOL! Oh yes, that dates me and that makes me real. I was once a screaming teenager – can’t believe I ever did! So “in love” but never made it to any of their shows.  And now he’s touring the UK in January … dare I?  Naw! Into One Direction these days. LOL! Oh, even that is no more. 🙁  OK then, maybe Cold Play.


  1. Julia

    I was a Donny fan too!! 😂🎤

  2. Sian Widner

    May, I was and still am a huge Donny fan!! A few years back I went to his concert and I really enjoyed it!! Made me feel like a teenager again!! Love the pics!!

  3. Margaret Danks

    Me too. I just loved him and the Osmonds. My favourite Donny song was Hey Girl. And then there was David Cassidy…swoon. Yep, definitely gave my age away lol

  4. Debbie

    I tried with the photos as well! I couldn’t even get one of mine to look at Donny on the TV so I did it on my own! X

  5. Alicia

    Cold Play is a must! I have been to countless concerts over the last 25(!) years and am surprised to admit Cold Play in concert ranks in the top 5 best shows I have been to. (Leonard Cohen takes the top spot, hands down.)

    • Miss Darcy

      I agree – have to be fast the next time Cold Play is in London. As for Leonard Cohen, I always seem to never get tickets. Would LOVE to see him. But I told myself I have to see Donny Osmond once in my lifetime – not a fan any more, just for old times sake and I am sure I will be in the audience wondering what the heck am I doing there! LOL!

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