And what did you do this weekend?

Me and the other “Mutts” went to the beach.  12019992_1229224120428175_6279813175050824274_n We didn’t get too far into the water12042761_1229224483761472_5009952559125200541_nPhoto credit – House of Mutt

And I, George, went with Jaffa and family to the countryside again …IMG_3291There were endless fields to runIMG_3288We took walks along the country roads IMG_3293 Jaffa and I exploring the world togetherIMG_3289And I rolled on the ground for good measureIMG_3290Which meant I ended up with a bathIMG_3294

May’s comment: So glad you had fun, doggies!

I’m finally home now. It was suggested I stayed at the hospital over the weekend just to be sure all’s ok. I asked the surgeon if I can leave the hospital. “Absolutely! Go have dinner, enjoy!”

What he didn’t know was I was plotting to use the One Direction ticket I could not flog nor give away.  Obviously, I felt well enough to walk – slowly – and actually felt good to breathe the outside air and see the hustle and bustle.

I did change out of my hospital gown and hid cannula under a long-sleeved shirt and my drainage bag in coat pocket. Anyone who noticed my wrist band probably thought I belong to some exclusive club.  I felt defiant!

What a contrast – from the controlled stillness and quietness of the hospital ward to an arena of screaming hysterical predominantly (99.9%) female audience – ranging from 4 year-olds to a few others older than me.

Looking at those four strapping confident young lads who has taken the (female) world by storm – every word they utter would elicit screams.  And thought about those doctors and surgeons who go about making a difference to lives who never get the accolades nor adoration (well, maybe one).

I am glad I did not manage to get rid of the ticket. I am glad I took the chance – in a way I felt better that I was returning to the hospital – a little security.  I wanted to see for myself this cultural phenomena – especially since they’re disbanding. I did not stay the whole concert – only half of it and left when all the kiddies did – didn’t want to push my luck but also, didn’t want to be locked out of the hospital! LOL!!!!


  1. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    You are such a little rebel May..glad you’re feeling better. Hope you’re soon home with your dawgs. Xx

  2. Lee-Anne

    I know this feeling of escaping the hospital ward, I laughed as I read this. Five years ago I spent a small fortune on a dress and ticket to a charity ball. I ended up in hopstial two nights before. The doctors said I was stable and I was just needing rest, the nurses helped me escape for the night and gave me a pass for the evening. They strapped my wrist so no one could see my cannula and I had to sneak back in threw emergency at 10pm full ball gown the lot. Two nights latter I had tickets to Chris Issacs but was told no leaving the hospital. I was so over the hospital that I cried and they wrote that I was “emotional”. I do hope you are feeling better soon and back to normal and out of hospital soon.

    • Miss Darcy

      That made me laugh!!!! Leaving once in ball gown is already OTT and then to be expected to go out again two days later?!?!?! I had been in there for over two weeks when I decided to go out for the night – with full permission as I was already on the mend. When I came back in that night, the nurses who had no idea where I went and thought I had gone out for dinner was cheering me on! If I had told them, I wonder what they would have said.

  3. Cintia

    Ha Ha May, hope the doctors and nurses are not reading your blog 😉

  4. margaret danks

    I’m so looking forward to seeing the reunion photos May. I bet the furries will be over the moon.

  5. Titania

    Im so glad you’re feeling better May and those pooches definitely had a great weekend! x

  6. Maggie

    Oh dearest May, inbeen away and only just catching up …. I am so sorry you have t been too well. I do hope that you are def on the mend now, your lovely furry pooches look as if they have been well looked after ….nbutmI bet they will be sooooo glad to be home with you soon. Just be careful and look after yourself.. Lots of love. sealea blue and Maggie. Xxx

  7. Alison Mullett

    This post made me laugh. It’s so good to read that you’re home too. Don’t over do it though; take care. I’m sure Miss Darcy and George will be over the moon to see you!

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