Are we now three?

It seems that way in Little Tyke’s world. IMG_9349That’s suppose to be me, George and Bubbles … my ears stick out sideways and my tail looks like a saw.

Little Tyke thinks Bubbles is the cutest of them all.IMG_8613 And he told us that we have to share our space with BubblesIMG_8522_2I am not sure what to make of Bubbles …
IMG_9400 She keeps following me aroundIMG_9355 But Little Tyke insisted – we must all co-exist … IMG_9394Large, Medium and Small!



  1. Cecilia

    Very true — we must all co-exist!

  2. Tracey

    How lovely to see little tyke is back to see you all, but OMG what is bubbles & where is he from??? Very cute all 4 of them! Has your brood got a new addition?
    Tracey Ralph & ruby x

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Tracey! Bubbles belongs to Praewa – George’s godmother. We go to her often and at the moment, we’re not taking to Bubbles much – can’t make out what she is – small furry ball. But we have to learn to get along with her or Praewa will not be happy to have us stay with her. 🙁

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