Are you ready for my new look?

It’s been three months since my last grooming –

And it shows.

This was me, George – after my follow-up appointment at the Royal Vet Hospital .

Mum thinks I look really cute with all that hair.

Yes, I’ll be your long-haired lover.

Except that a quarter of me – my lower left back and legs have been shaved for the operation.

So Mum had an idea.

She made an appointment at Love My Human for my first grooming session since three months ago. And she gave Maisie some suggestions.

And Maisie set to work …

And this is my new look.

Mum asked her to even me out in the back – so the hair on my back legs and my lower back are all the same length.

And they trimmed my upper part of my body but kept it longer – which is the usually length of hair.

I look like I am wearing a furry jacket. LOL!

What do you think?

May’s comment: Making the best of the situation.

When I took him in for a consultation – I wasn’t expecting to leave him behind. He was due for a groom so it was almost a month since he had a trim. But after his operation, George couldn’t be groomed as he shouldn’t be standing for long. But after his second visit to the vet to make sure his leg was healing and they confirmed he could stand and bear weight I booked him in for a much needed groom.

But what to do about his shaven lower left side. He sure looks very cute and fluffy. But he is all uneven as the haven parts seems to be taking its time to grow. Well, I guess he can have a “poodle groom”. I wanted to leave the length of his front the same but thankfully Maisie did not follow my suggestion. He would have looked like a lion. Now he looks like he’s wearing a fur coat.

Now I am thinking this might be his new look. LOL! What do you think?


  1. Gillian

    George you look absolutely adorable ,I think you should keep that style and make it your own special look xx

  2. Alex

    I love him with long fur!

  3. Mariette

    Svelte. Love the tapered waist which pronounces his proud chest. A dapper tailored cutting figure Mr George 🎩 Hat’s off to you!

  4. Cheryl Houlton

    George always looks gorgeous! such adorable looking dog x Cheryl and Susie x

  5. Jill Keiser


  6. Sara Cormack

    Colette says he looks very handsome! X

  7. Sue Westhead

    GORGEOUS! xxx

  8. Annie

    He is looking stunning – but let it grow before you decide that is his “ permanent” new look !

  9. Judith Vogel

    George: Bennie and I think you look spectacular!
    Happy healing
    With love
    Bennie and Judy

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