Cliveden House Memories

Mummy wanted to show our New York friends a bit of good ol’ English grandeur!  She’s been thinking of bringing me to Cliveden House anyway since it’s dog friendly,  – as well as another piece of  her “history” she wanted to share with me.

The staff is amazingly welcoming … they are very comfortable with us pooches.

P1010733As we were early, we sat on the first floor terrace looking out at the formal garden which are our of bounds for us pooches.P1010691The humans had a quick bite to eat – enjoying the sun
P1010694While I got some waterP1010686 I have since learnt that Carl and Judy are easy to get food from … πŸ™‚  So I look hard at Carl’s bread –P1010699While the humans seem to like sitting in the sun, I look for shade.P1010683Until our room was ready
P1010795Before long it was tea time!P1010784And I could only look on with no favours πŸ™ – that’s because Carl wasn’t there!P1010785I had room service P1010800before Mummy took me for a walk and a quick run P1010756Discovering different parts of the estateP1010863We joined Carl and Judy for drinks in the Reception. The Grand Room is one of two rooms that are off limits for me so we had supper in the Library instead.  Lovely room …P1010891 P1010894 With lovely viewP1010892And as we went upstairs to our rooms, we could see the sun setting
P1010901And now it’s time for bedP1010791Had a lovely day.

May’s comment: I have fond memories of Cliveden. A very long time ago I came for a Shakespeare concert. And more recently for a birthday weekend. But now I wanted to share this place with Darcy.




  1. Fiona Weller

    Looks lovely πŸ˜€

  2. Tracey

    Looks like a wonderful place for humans & dogs! X

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