At the hairdresser

No, it’s not me getting my hair done. We’re at Richard Ward – that’s where we go for Mummy’s hair appointments.

At the beginning I didn’t know what the place was about.  I used to chew on the rubber lever at the bottom of the chair – making a mess. And sniff at those funny things on the floor.I was also afraid of all those loud noises.  They remind me of the dust buster at home.

But these days, I like going to see Fiona.  She said I’m her favourite dog at the salon!!!


I heard she did Pippa’s hair for the wedding. I thought they were talking about my neighbour/friend Pippa the cocker spaniel but realised it was Pippa Middleton! Funny!!!

Today we see Mario who does highlights. He asked if I wanted highlights in mine!  Oooh noooo!!! My highlights are natural.

May’s comment: They are super dog-friendly at Richard Ward. At the beginning when Darcy was a restless puppy, some of the staff would take her for walks when she got bored.  These days she sits happily by my side or on top of me when I get my hair washed.

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