Going back to being a city dog

Goodbye, House of Mutt!  It’s been fun so much fun!!!!

I was a bit clingy the first couple of days and stuck with Sarah whenever we were chilling out. A couple of times when I growled at other dogs approaching us when I was sitting next to Sarah. Whenever I did so, Sarah pushed me away – and soon learnt that was not acceptable behaviour.  I still very much have remnants of my resource guarding.

I had a wash and fluff last night before leaving the House of Mutt to return to being a “city dog” –This morning, I had a good run around before Sarah got me ready to leave. My bag is packed, my collar back on. It was time to get in the House of Mutt car – wondering where I am being couriered to – until I arrived back to familiar London … but not quite home yet.  I’m going to be staying with Barnaby for the weekend! I was so tired from both having a crazy morning run and my car journey that I was completely knocked out. But I recovered after that and Barnaby and I went for a walk at our familiar Hyde Park.

On our way home, Julie told me that I will also have Coco for company!  Yay!

I’ve had such an amazing time at House of Mutt and now a fab weekend with Barnaby. Wonder when I’ll see Mum again?

May’s comment: Yes, this was the weekend that saw me without coverage – and at the last minute George went to the House of Mutt when Darcy was invited to St. Tropez for three weeks – and I was jealous! LOL!  And as planned Darcy was going to Barnaby after House of Mutt – so they took George instead. Phew!

Now we’re slowly heading towards our reunion.

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  1. Anne McCormack

    How strange they didn’t want George, too.

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