Dragon Breath

Little Georgie-Porgie had really bad breath for about two weeks. Mummy likened it to him “farting topside” – LOL!!!!

He didn’t when he first arrived but three weeks on, he had the worst breath!!! It wasn’t the usual dog breath which I have – though at a much decreased level ever since I’ve been on raw.  And George feeds on the same. It was so off-putting every time he yawned.IMG_7216_2Poor Georgie-Porgie! He’s lying on Mummy and when he opens his mouth – Mummy would make comments about his bad breath.  Thankfully he doesn’t understand much English or he would have been so hurt. 🙁

It has improved since a few days ago, but even then Mummy decided it was time to check if he might have something in his intestines. So it’s Wormcount time – for both of us.IMG_7373May’s comment: Good to check it out anyway.

The vets looked at his teeth which are amazingly clean (another indication that I don’t think he’s quite as old as 2 years) – so it was nothing to do with his mouth. He said it’s coming from within him. It could be that George’s diet was changing and causing an uproar in his tummy.

Since Darcy had hers done back in March, decided to get them both tested.  It took all of 48 hours to get the results.

Thankfully, whatever it was that was in George’s stomach is gone. For one, he has no worms in his little tummy! But he may be eating too fatty foods and not digesting them too well, so need to look into leaner raw meats.

The results of faecal egg count were:

Date          Name   ToxocaraSpecies   Tapeworm   Other in sample
28.10.14     Darcy     < 20 epg                       None seen       Oil droplets
28.10.14     George   < 20 epg                       None seen       Oil droplets




    Hi, I didnt want to read and run, but when dogs are moved onto a raw diet, they go through de tox as their tummy acids etc change and balance out adjusting to the new diet. Jesse was very much the same, and in fact her breathe still isnt the nicest. She has been on raw now for 4 months and it is improving. I know for some dogs it has taken 6 months, and longer for them to de tox so George could well be going through the same thing as Jesse. xxx

    • Miss Darcy

      Thank you everyone for your input – George’s breath is now back to normal so it must be he was getting used to his new diet – detoxing from all the stuff he was eating before when he was scavenging the streets. So glad – says Mummy. She doesn’t mind his yawns any more!

  2. Elwood

    Mummy says it could have been his body detoxing cos she said I had the same problem when I came to live with her after a couple of weeks being on a raw diet although I don’t believe my breath was that bad cos all the girl doggies still liked me 🙂

  3. Maggie

    Sealea blue says, if my new friend George cannot tolerate a fatty diet for the moment, he can have what I have …..low purine, but it comes from Nutriment, not from your very nice Honeys, but maybe they do something similar ? If not Suzanne at Nutriment is so lovely and kind. When I was very poorly a few months ago, and had to go to vet hospital for 4 nights my Damar said that she could have stayed somewhere like The Grand Hyatt Dubai for what is cost …….but anyway I digress, Suzanne at Nutriment sent me a whole case of the stuff!! Mmmmm v nice it was too. I was very grateful. Now I am better. So maybe some low fat food will do the trick. Xx

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