Finding “Lord Minimus” in the back garden

We were at Stanley’s for a summer barbecue …IMG_5107Yes, summer is very much here and we were thankful to be able to sit in their garden that we love!

Whenever Stanley’s mummy went in to bring out the food,IMG_5108I followed her dutifully – just in case some of those hors d’oeuvre fell off the tray.

The hoomans sat at the end of the garden having their little bites and glasses of vino. We were all there keeping them companyIMG_5111But I had intentions.IMG_5110I eagerly stared at the deliciousness on the tableIMG_5115But I kept being told, “No, Darcy!IMG_5116 All this time, Stanley keeps wanting the hoomans to play with his toysIMG_5105And that was not appreciated by his mummy and daddy either. And he was also told, “No, Stanley!IMG_5118Until finally he and George re- connected –IMG_5117And when they did, they were back to their old selves, chasing each other.IMG_5104But I continued to sit with the hoomans even though I have given up hope I will get anything from them.IMG_5121As the sun went down, the hoomans moved into the covered dining area. In there I saw a stone statue –
IMG_5125 A life-size statue, we were told.  He was the famous “Queen’s dwarf” also known as “Lord Minimus.”IMG_5129He’s in fact Sir Jeffrey Hudson (1619-1682) – an English court dwarf at the court of Queen Henrietta Maria. He was considered one of the “wonders of the age” because he was normally proportioned but only 18 inches tall all the way till he was middle-aged when he grew to a height of 3ft 6ins.  That’s the height of the statue.

It was also appropriate that he was born in Rutland, England’s smallest county.3792470165_2efcfe37b3_o

Sir Jeffrey Hudson became an English Court at the court of Queen Henrietta Maria, wife of Charles I, after he came to her attention when he was presented to her when they were visiting the Duke of Buckingham;s home.

After that history lesson, the hoomans had dessert to finish off a beautiful evening, and Annie did not forget us. Earlier in the day she had travelled all the way to Pet Pavilion at Chelsea Farmer’s Market to buy us pudding – at the doggy gelateria!IMG_5131 We all gulped it down. Thank you, Annie. Much appreciated.IMG_5133Another lovely evening spent with friends.

May’s comment: Always such a treat to go to Andrew and Annie’s for any occasion because they live in such a lovely house – a little oasis in the heart of London.  They are also such the perfect hosts – you can’t help but feel indulged.

Andrew and Annie’s house is in Fulham, near Bishop’s Park and they run it as a B&B.  It’s a beautifully curated cosy English home. And at Christmas, it is magical because Andrew loves Christmas.  So if anyone coming to London and looking for something special, not just another hotel, I can put you in touch with them.  (They don’t have a website.)

Besides the bedrooms upstairs, they also have a flat in the basement for more privacy. The added benefit is of course Stanley. You can have your Stanley cuddles – and he would want you to play with him. IMG_5123And of course you can see the statue of the “Queen’s dwarf” for yourself! The original is in Longleaf Castle, Wiltshire – but this little guy is part of the national heritage – he cannot be moved off-site!IMG_5127


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  1. Michael Walton

    Please could you let me have Andrew and Annie’s address, or give them my email and ask them to contact me. Thank you.
    Best regards.

    Mick Walton

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