Beannacht agus dea-luck

And so we say “fare thee well” Ireland.  

We’ve had a lovely few days in green, green Ireland.

Though we only saw Dublin in the dark, it was a city of little triumphs for us.

We dined the no-dogs allowed restaurant at Dylan Hotel – after Wendeline and Mummy spoke to them persuasively. And because I behaved the next morning, it wasn’t even a question whether they could have breakfast in the bar area.

IMG_8402 Mummy was appreciative of my efforts, she shared her croissant with me.IMG_8405And when we returned to Dublin after Ashford Castle, we stayed at the Four Seasons – dog friendly as in allowed to stay but not friendly enough for me to be left in the room alone – in case I barked. And I was not allowed in the restaurant.  The concierge was happy to arrange dog-sitting services though at 15 Euros per hour. Mummy thought – that sounds like a nice glass of wine and for the duration, even two bottles. So she gave the concierge a task to find restaurants that would accept dogs – so we can enjoy the last night in Dublin together.  They were very helpful and called all the restaurants we wanted to go to but alas – none of them would accept me. But for two French restaurants that had outside seating.

As you know we went to La Maison and the staff were so, so kind – they brought water and spent time stroking me – telling me I’m beautiful. LIKE! ๐Ÿ™‚IMG_8800The biggest challenge was our train journey. Even that we managed. Must have been my smart Bertie waxed jacket that got me onboard! ๐Ÿ™‚

We loved the beauty of the countryside – can you imagine if I was let lose? I have endless fields to run in – but then again, was told that dogs have to be on leads in Ireland.IMG_8628

The drive to Connemara and Kylemore Abbey –
As for Ashford Castle, we can’t say enough good things about them.IMG_8558 The staffs were amazing and I think it all stems from the top. We’ve heard that the owners are dog lovers and they made the decision to have dogs and yes, dogs are allowed to bark. IMG_8553We love the funny Irish – they had so many tales to tell and they made us laugh.  Especially our drivers Eamon and Paul. One of Mummy’s favourite memories was drinking her first Guinness –

IMG_8654And me posing like the HMV logo – with a real Grammy not a gramophone.


Most of all, thank you for the blue skies! I still got damp every time I went out on walks but at least we could walk.IMG_8600And what a beautiful send off we had – a rainbow!IMG_8769Sadly we had to leave to come back to George – well, that’s not the only reason.

A very early rise, and a taxi ride to Dublin Port –IMG_8826Back in the kennel and not liking it – even with Kong.IMG_8833This time the crossing was wind-swept – grey skies. And so we say – beannacht agus dea-luckIMG_8838Now we’re on our journey back to merry ol’ England – where I know we’re welcomed on public transportation.  And looking forward to seeing Georgie.

May’s comment: A particularly lovely trip – a lot to do with the company and then the lovely places we went to – and of course the ever lovely Irish we met everywhere – only one grumpy one that we came across.  We will definitely go back and check out the other parts.

And it was right not to bring George – can you imagine bringing two dogs on the train!!!  We would never have made it.

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