Beautiful light

The last time we went to see the Summer Pavilion at the Serpentine Gallery, the day was a bit clouded over, but yesterday, we saw it in a different light.IMG_3307Amazing how cubes stacked on top of each other can be simply stunningIMG_3303And George was small enough to fit into one of the cubes.IMG_3306 We’re allowed inside the cafe under the sculpture – though we must be on the lead.IMG_3293 We ran along Kensington Gardens to show Little Tyke the other nearby structures – the Summer RoomsIMG_3316 The Queen Caroline’s Temple nearby is the structure that inspired the Summer Rooms …IMG_3324Little Tyke is fast growing up to be a boy – he chose to throw stones at the panels before Mummy told him that it was art that he was destroying!!!IMG_3317 This one is Mummy’s favourite of the Summer Rooms …IMG_3318 Stopping for a photo with Little Tyke on the polished metal platform in the middle of it.IMG_3319 At the next structure, Mummy was appreciating the shadows of the curves of “In-the-round”IMG_3326 When Little Tyke decided to discover art in his own way.IMG_3327 It was a beautiful Summer’s day in London (finally!) and we had a picnic in the park.
Little Tyke wanted me to fetch the stick IMG_3331but he really doesn’t understand that he has Hula Hoops in his handsIMG_3333 When Mummy explained to him why I wouldn’t play fetch, IMG_3330he decided to put a trail of treats and see if I could follow the leadIMG_3334 I watched him closely – so of course I could find all the Hula Hoops!IMG_3335I think I exasperated Little Tyke! LOL!

All in all, a lovely day spent outdoors at the park.

May’s comment: London is absolutely gorgeous when the sun is shining – and when it is not prohibitively hot like it was the last week.

So it was lovely visiting the Summer Pavilion again to catch the light from under the structure.IMG_3302 Cubes stacked on top of each other to form an “unzipped wall” – from a straight line to a three-dimensional spaceIMG_3309


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Trailing Hula Hoops is much more fun than chasing sticks eh Miss D!

  2. Margaret Danks

    It’s lovely watching little Tyke grow with Miss D and Georgeous. Clever move with the hula hoops?

  3. Cheryl

    You’ve just added to our must see/do list for London next summer. Thank you for all your great posts in and around London! I hope I get to give you and George a big hug next summer!

  4. Neyra

    Thank you for the lovely pictures. I get to experience the art along with you! It’s wonderful.

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