Being DAWG!

Having the best time being DAWG at the House of Mutt.

Running with the pack …

Taking on all obstacles along the way

I LOVE being DAWG!

It has been a wet week – and I love it even more!

I love my time at House of Mutt. Just being me.

I am sure George would love it too – but not the hoomans looking after us.

George would have a “field” day – literally and will never come back for days or rather the hoomans would be out looking for him for days. He might then be eaten by some beast in the night.

May’s comment: Looking at these happy pics of Darcy enjoying herself in a safe environment confirmed I did the right thing to send her away during this stressful two weeks of moving.

As for George – he doesn’t need as much walking and he’s the best at home dog. Besides, I wanted cuddles with him.

The times George has been at the House of Mutt, they did not trust him off leash – so it was wasted on him. While the others run freely – in a pack, he would have been off running after any other creatures. His curiosity would have led him astray.

So the street dog become a home dog and the city dog loves being free in the country side.

Thank you House of Mutt for always taking care of Darcy and giving her the best times. I always know she has the best time. So good that I am not sure she ever wants to come home.


  1. Ian Harrison

    She’s having a brilliant time. Fantastic to see her revert to the country!

  2. Clare Kurdi

    I’ve missed some of your posts Mae…are you staying in London? Good luck with your move, & lovely George, enjoy those cuddles! X🐾

  3. Barbara Sacher

    Lovely photos! In 5weeks time our cockapoo Teddy will be there for a couple of weeks, and feel reassured after seeing your pictures that he will have a great holibobs😄

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