Bionic George

George is home! And he is bionic!

Belinda and Fred took Mum to the Royal Vet Hospital to collect George. When they were called into the consultation room, the nurse gave an update on George’s progress. Mum couldn’t wait to see George. His nurse went to bring him to meet Mum.

George with his Cone …

Mum gingerly held him …

He has a shaved “chicken leg”!
He seemed happy.
Maybe we should shave the other side of his back – he might look like a lion.

The nurse showed Mum how to give him some Physio during the mend …

Mum supporting his “chicken leg”

The nurse showed us his x-rays – the nuts and bolts and metal plate that are inside of George’s leg.

George: Mum! Am I the Six Million Dollar Dog?
Mum: With inflation? Not sure what that would be today.

Those stainless steel nuts and bolts – wonder what would happen if we put a magnet next to his leg. Hmmm.

Well, between he and Mum, they will set off all the alarms whenever they go through security checks. LOL!

Well, its one last goodbye for nurse Emma.

Look at how he’s walking! No more limping!

Checking out at the Reception – and making a follow-up appointment.

Getting ready to re-enter the world, George!

Happy George!

Ready to face the world, George?

We stopped for lunch at the Hospital Restaurant – and Mum and Belinda had a good laugh – of course they didn’t let dogs inside!!!!!

There was a lawn mower on the lawn – which set off George and then Fred!!!! Just checking that we have the right dog. LOL!

And then the long ride back from Potters Bar back to London.

I had been for a walk with Joanna in the morning and then waited for his return. I was happy to see George and gave him a kiss when he arrived. Very quickly, Mum put him in the crate. And he didn’t seem to mind.

And Fred bought him some get get well toys to play with.
And this Lila Loves It Pillow Spray to keep him calm while he’s in the crate.

Welcome home, George. We’ve missed you but we knew it was the best thing to have left you at the the Vet over the weekend.

May’s comment: It was really sweet when we were leaving the Hospital, the staff at the reception desk were all saying how sad they were to see George leave. They loved him and as always he endeared himself to them.

It was quite nerve-wrecking going to pick-up George from the Royal Vet Hospital. I was nervous about how to handle him while he was healing.

George was diagnosed with degeneration of the cranial cruciate ligament causing his stifle joint (knee) to be unstable. A Closing Wedge Tibial Levelling Osteotomy (CWO-TPLO) is a surgical procedure designed to dynamically stabilise the stifled joint (knee) as he walks, removing the need for the damaged ligament. The surgery involves making a cut in the upper part of the tibia bone, changing the alignment of the top of the bone, and fixing it in a new position with plates and screws.

Thats the cut.
View form the side showing how the nuts and bolts have gone in.

Healing will take up to eight weeks – to allow the bone to fuse properly. For the first two weeks, he needs to be in a crate or small room when unsupervised and 5 minute walks 3-4 times a day. Then increasing it to 10-15 minute walks 3-4 times a day. From week 5-8, he can be on lead for 15-20 minute walks 3-4 times a day.

We have a follow-up appointment at eight weeks to see how the bone has fused – maybe that will give me any reassurance about letting him get on with his craziness.

He was terrible in the car home – panted all the way. Once home he settled into his crate quietly – only anxious when he hears me getting ready to go out. He doesn’t want to be left. And the first night I carried him while walking Darcy – think I need to walk them one at a time. He’s small but he’s not lightweight.


  1. Bev Tahor

    Ah bless him. Wish George a speedy recovery . He is going to be spoilt rotten by yon and Darcey .

    I know the Royal Veterinary hospital well, as I live quite close it . It is the most amazing place and the care is the best .

  2. Katherine Shiatis

    Ahhhh so happy to hear he is on the mend. We shall come for a visit soon. Keep healing George! We love you. xxKatherine and Lyra

  3. Rita and Gracie

    We wish gorgeous George a very speedy recovery. A friend of a friend was there at the weekend collecting Loki a Springer spaniel who had contracted tetanus somehow, very very rare for dogs to get it but he’s recovering well now. There is no tetanus jab for dogs apparantly and he had no visible cuts or nicks in his skin either. A complete mystery. The RVH is a fantastic place. Good luck with keeping George still. 🤔🙄💗

    • Kathy shoulders

      I am so glad he is home. He looked so happy in those pictures. It is amazing what they can do now a days.

  4. Ruth

    So pleased to hear that George is on the mend – and hope he continues to make a speedy recovery.
    Love Ruth and Lola xx

  5. Cheryl

    Pleased to hear George is home, speedy recovery, love Cheryl and Susie xx

  6. Sara Cormack

    Oh May George looks great and so happy to see you. I think he is doing so well already!

    • Miss Darcy

      He is doing well but he doesn’t understand the whole crate thing at bedtime. He cries but when I tell him to be quiet he stops. Just getting used to the idea.

  7. Lee-Anne

    So glad George is on the mend. You might need to get a doggy pram while he recuperates.

  8. Liz Burman

    Pleased to hear Georgie’s home and on the mend. He looks as if he’s already raring to go. You’re going to have your work cut out for you keeping him quiet bless him.😍😍

  9. Ian Harrison

    George is a little star and a brave little trouper! Good luck to him (and you and Darcy) during his recovery!

  10. James Glover

    Get well soon George with love 💕 Dante & DeDe

  11. Jocelyn conway

    Wishing George well
    Lots of love Lucca xx

  12. Maree

    Wish you a speed recovery George lots of kisses to you. Fern and Maya

  13. Cheryl

    So glad George is home! Continued prayers for a complete and speedy recovery!

  14. Henri Berest

    Bless him – what a trooper

  15. Annie

    So pleased to hear lovely George is back home with all his family.will continue to pray for his complete recovery. Lots of Love from Annie & Susie ( cavapoo ) xxx🐶🐶🙏🏼🙏🏼

  16. Lucy Cronin

    So glad to see George on the mend. I’m sure it will be hard to keep him calm as time goes on. He is so precious. ❤️ Lucy & Luca

  17. Alex Brunton

    Poor George! I had a tibial osteotomy myself a few years ago so I know why he’s going though. His x-rays look exactly like mine! Hope he is not in pain and slowly starts to get back to walking. Does he get physio? X

  18. Julie mcevilly

    Pleased to hear George is back home with his family. I’m sure he will be fine he is a little trooper. Sending him our love Julie & Bailey xx

  19. Valerie

    May…you are in my thoughts and prayers. All will be well. Follow the schedule and allow yourself a “start over” the next day if you mess up the plan! Thanks so much for this post! I know you will keep us all in the loop! Valerie, Bella and Luke, California

  20. Claire Hynes

    Wishing George a v speedy recovery, you will develop muscles carrying him!! 💪

  21. Jacqui

    Awww good to see George has so done well and now home. We had a very active lively Springer Spaniel who had cruciate ligament surgery aged 9 years on the first leg and then the other back leg 18 months later. Although the recovery time period is not easy it is so worth it to see them running around again pain free. Our Springer loved to swim and we found Hydrotherapy was brilliant for his rehab helping to build up muscle strength in a controlled way once he was given the ok to exercise more.

  22. Cintia

    Oh George, get well soon! You were in good hands at the RVH. When we took one of our dogs there with suspected meningitis, we had to leave her for a week…. Didn’t visit her no to stress her out while healing… Well, she didn’t want to come home with us. She would have been happy to go back with the nurse…. They took real.good care of her and the staff is amazing there!!!

  23. J Gouslin

    Get well soon George!

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