Something not nice happened to me today.

This guy and a lady came to fix Mummy’s carpet. As always I am curious who these people are – checked them out, being protective.

I thought they’re nice but I soon realise they don’t know dogs.  I went to the room to see what they were doing and as they started making loud funny noises, I got nervous and jumped at him.  He was so terrified, he started to hit me!  And as he hit me, I nipped him. His face got all red and started shouting.  Mummy grabbed me and told him to calm down!  I have never been hit before (except by Little Tyke) and neither have I bitten anyone. Sometimes I nip people I don’t like.  And this guy, he kept shouting – “She bit me! She bit me!” He wasn’t a very tall man and it made him even shorter.

Mummy then took me into the other room and closed the door behind her. So I spent the whole morning sitting inside the room with Mummy.


It was a confusing and scary incident for me. Boo!

May’s comment: Silly man! But I guess I should not have assumed that he would be ok with a furry cockapoo.  But Darcy is usually cautious about strangers and after a while when she sees they’re ok, and we’re speaking, she’s fine. But in this instance, they were working in the other room and it wasn’t a friendly visit. I didn’t notice she had gone in there. When they started making noise with their equipment, she jumped at the man. And he got so frightened, he started hitting her which made her all defensive. Well, lesson learnt. He was fine – it was a little nip but he shouted like he was going to die!

But this is not taken lightly. My heart was racing with worry – I don’t like how she reacts when she is agitated. Will have to do something about it.  Time for dog trainers.


  1. Nicola

    Oh Darcy that’s dreadful! Poor you. Bad enough that strangers come in and make so much noise but to hit you for just doing your job is unspeakable. May must have been pretty upset too: I know that I would be if the same happened to my Molly.

    • Miss Darcy

      Mummy was so upset when she saw him hitting me – partly because he was hitting me but also at how he didn’t know how to react to a dog who was irritated by strange sounds. She told him – one, you should know better than to hit a dog. Two – don’t you dare hit my dog! I think later he was embarrassed at his behaviour and he apologised when he left. By then, Mummy had cooled down and accepted his apology. But I think Mummy also realised she should not assume I am always logical.

  2. Liz

    Aww poor Darcy, what a silly man. So sorry you had such a nasty experience, I’m sure mummy will give you lots of extra cuddles to make you feel better. Xxx

  3. Quincy

    Oh Darcy! I get scared when strangers come to my house too! I want to protect my Mum and Dad as well and any kind of unknown ruckus alarms me…so my Mum always picks me up (but I am only 7 pounds!) and introduces me to every new person coming to my home otherwise I nip at them too..if they are wearing pants I pull on their pant legs to let them know that this is my house and my family and I will be watching them! So I fully understand how you felt and it makes me very upset that the man hit you! But some people are scared of us because they don’t have a clue as to how we think and that all we want is love and kindness..I am sure your Mummy was horrified that this stranger hit you! And so am I and I send u lots of love and hugs from Miami!

    • Miss Darcy

      It’s sometimes confusing being in the human world. They have such different rules and we have to learn them. So let’s figure all this out. x

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