Burns Night with the Girls

That’s me and Dash – along with Dash’s Mummy and my Bali fashionista, Stacy! Just the girls, no kilts but a tartan to set the theme. IMG_0804

IMG_0806 IMG_0803

How about me?IMG_0810 Nothing? Just a kiss?IMG_0813

We were at Princess Victoria in Acton.


May’s comment: Another dog-friendly place!

IMG_0822To all my non-UK friends, Burns supper are normally held around the poet’s birthday, 25 January to celebrate the late poet’s life and his poetry.

Burns suppers typically include the traditional Scottish dish, haggis celebrated by Burns in Address to a Haggis, of course Scotch whisky and  recitation of Burns’s poetry. 

Must say haggis takes getting used to. But the ones at Princess Victoria was pretty good.


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