Ahhhh! This is more like it …

Hello Train! It’s been a while since we last saw you. Was it twelve days ago?

We’re whizzing through the countryside from west to east …passing mountains and fields of snowAlmost seven hours later, we arrived back in Oslo – and on the platform was Catarina! How happy were we to see her!!! That was a nice surprise.

We checked into a hotel … The Thief on the islet of Tjuvholmen (Thief Islet).

Unlike the cabin we’ve been staying in for the last eleven nights – we have a King Size bed!!!!Where there’s a special blanket for us to lie on …And we can S-T-R-E-T-C-H!!!!Oh! And where are you going now?May’s comment:  As the train pulled away from Trondheim, with each passing mile, we were leaving behind the memories and the dramatic Arctic landscapes.  We rode the train for almost seven hours – the landscapes flying past were like pictures on Christmas cards.  Thankfully there was a friend and the end of the train journey to look forward to seeing.

Catarina was there to greet us and Darcy remembered her from the many times she had visited us from Stockholm. As almost no places in Norway that serves food allow dogs inside – we didn’t even bother to ask. Besides its winter and there would be no outside seating. We went to the newly opened Ling Ling – a Hakkasan restaurant. Ah, rather a good idea after a lot of fish and reindeer on board! The food was very good, just kidding.

On the way back we met Mokko – a 6 year of maltipoo!!!!!

What I was impressed with were my dogs – they sat and watched me leave the hotel room. That’s good, I thought.  ON my return, I entered the room to find the turn down service lady was in the room.  She told me that both of them greeted her warmly with waggy tails. Maybe the Natasa (Expedition Team on MV Nordnorge) experience was positive and they have associated people entering the room as a positive. 🙂




  1. Cheryl

    I so enjoyed “traveling” with you, your pictures are amazing!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Patti

    I’ve really enjoyed this latest trip. You have inspired me.

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