Checking out Bulgari

My friends Sylvia and Jack are at the Bulgari Hotel so we dropped in to say hello.  They are very dog friendly here. The door man opened the door to let me walk right in.At the reception we checked to see if I was allowed in their rooms to visit. They said – yes, of course!  So Sylvia took me up to hers.  IMG_8314I’m always curious checking out new places so I went along.IMG_8315We rode the elevator, walked down the hall and soon I was sniffing around. Once I did my rounds, I understand too well what a hotel room is and realised Mummy wasn’t with me.  I got worried. I took my lead and went to the door – whining :(, missing Mummy.

Sylvia and Jack took me downstairs and there was Mummy waiting for me – telling me I was silly for worrying.IMG_8320But that’s because I know a hotel room is very transient and it means we’re not home, we’re going somewhere different and new. I was worried that I was going somewhere without Mummy. That’s why I started to cry. 🙁  I love Sylvia and Jack but I wasn’t sure about leaving without Mummy.

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  1. Sylvia

    It was so great to have Darcy over to visit and for her Mummy to let me take Darcy up to our room. The moment she did not see her Mummy she cried and headed straight for the door with her lead in her mouth and as soon as I opened the door I felt like I was in one of those old western movies where the guy gets dragged by the horse at full speed!!! Jack could not stop laughing! We made it to the elevator and down to the lobby where, to no surprise, she ran to her Mummy! Mummy can feel confident that there is no one in the world Darcy would rather be than with her!

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