Cheese, glorious cheese

Aunty Liz came to visit last evening – they were having some delicious cheese  and I was hoping they would give me some – so I waited patiently …IMG_7266And inch a little closerIMG_7271Maybe if I keep staring at it, it may come to meIMG_7268Aunty Lizzie, I’m here …IMG_7270OK, I give up!IMG_7272Er, you didn’t eat the brie – so can I have it?IMG_7273Answer: a resounding NO! Boo!

May’s comment: Lovely evening with two of my best friends!IMG_7262

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  1. Miami Malteses

    Somehow Darcy doesn’t seem to think it was that lovely!! No Brie for her! They say cheese is good for a shiny coat..or at least that is what we tell our Mummy!

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