Chelsea is blooming!

This is the 11th year of “Chelsea in Bloom” –  it means that if you walk around the shops near Sloane Square, you will see a lot of amazing floral displays!

We went to check them out – like we did last year.

This year’s theme is “Carnival” – inspired by the Rio de Janeiro Carnival.

We took a little walk to the shops around Sloane Square on Monday morning – while some of them were still getting their decorations ready.

We started at Symons Street and this was Kiki McDonough’s entrance to their storeIMG_8972And turned into Pavilion Road and almost all the stores there had some themed displaysIMG_8920This is the entrance to Cosmetics a la CarteIMG_8921 They even served little Victoria sponge cakes. Mummy ate one while I watched her eat it in one mouthful – and wondered for a while why she never shared it. Very disappointed.IMG_8924Look at this in many shades of green at Moyses Stevens.

And further along, The White Company’s display –IMG_8930An elephant in Rio?

Oops! Sarah Chapman’s display wasn’t quite finished but it looks like it is going to be amazing already.IMG_8935 Sometimes the displays were in the store windows …IMG_8937(Window at T.BA)IMG_8931Can you see me in there at Heidi Klein’s window?IMG_8938And of course at Tiffany’s it’s always what’s in the windows.

We walked towards Sloane Street and saw more parrots at Smythson’s.IMG_8940 And a very dramatic framed entrance …IMG_8944 And more parrots insideIMG_8946 Next door at Hackett – Birds of Paradise framed their entranceIMG_8950 At Rag & Bone New York, an all green affairIMG_8953 But more colours at The Sloane Square HotelIMG_8958There were quite a few others but time was running out and we had to get home as Jaffa and George were coming back from their walk.  But we quickly stopped by at the Duke of York Square – there were a few participants there. 

And indeed there we saw …
IMG_8976Carnivearle at Liz EarleIMG_8979A display outside Comptoir LibanisIMG_8980A very colourful Dubarry boot

And there was the very large colourful parrot – made up of flowers of course at the Duke of York Square.
IMG_8987But throughout the area, there were little gestures. We rather liked this at Trotter’s Children’s Wear IMG_8973As we walked home along King’s Road, we came across a wall of flowers at The Ivy Chelsea Garden!IMG_8991 Dogs are not welcomed inside so we sat outside for our photo op – with mummy’s latest SeeConcept sunglasses! 🙂IMG_8993May’s comment: This is the 11th year for Chelsea in Bloom – the alternative floral art show produced by the Cadogan Estate in association with the Royal Horticultural Society. Some of the shop fronts in the area features breathtaking floral displays – from  23rd to 28th May.

For more information go to Sloane Square – they have maps and tours – IMG_8970 Walking tours or rickshaw tours are available – and amazingly the weather forecasts promises to be nice – it always seems to rain during Chelsea Flower Show week.IMG_8967Well, that’s not true. The one year I was there, it was so hot, they had to water the plants excessively to keep them form wilting!

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