An Afternoon Tea – Save a Dog this Christmas

We gathered together – pooches and humans at The Milestone Hotel for an Afternoon Tea.

To keep it festive at this time of year, we wore our Christmas Jumpers and Santa hats.

Venice with Maureen and Cookie with AmandaLucca with Fenton, Maisie with JimRusty with JimOscar (my half-brother) with FreyaOscar with Marianne
Lucca with MummyKrolle with MariUka with Ed, and Oggy was down there somewhere.Maisie back with mummy Lisa, Mac was down there somewhereGeorge with Martine and Jocelyn Me and MummyCoco decided she didn’t want to wear a Santa’s hat and went to hide under a chairBobby Dog wondered if he could have some of what was on the table.And Rusty was chilling out after all the hugs he got from his mummy and daddy.May’s comment:  Through the years we have met so many lovely doodle owners.  At this time of festive cheer, and because I LOVE Christmas, I wanted to bring together friends and their dogs for a little celebration.

It is the time of year to think about those less fortunate. In this instance, we wanted to give some thought to those poor doggies out there without anyone to care for their needs.

We managed to organise our festive Afternoon Tea at the dog-friendly Milestone Hotel in Kensington.Everyone who attended made a donation towards helping some less fortunate canines.  For this first year, I suggested to donate our small and humble gesture to Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue because of George, our honorary doodle, who has the biggest personality of all!

Because he’s always hanging out with doodles, he thinks he’s one of them – so whenever some other dogs should come into the vicinity of our meets, he would chase them away no matter how big or small. The bigger they are, the louder his bark.

He has given many of us much joy and had endeared himself to many. Georgie-Porgie would not be with us if not for the work that Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue pursues every day of the year – looking out for dogs that have been put into Killing Stations for no reason except they did not have a home to go to. And for those seeking to survive on the streets – the life of a street dog that many of our pooches will never know, what it is like to be chased away because it was hungry and simply wanted something to eat. Or when it is only trying to take shelter, to be turned out in the cold. To never know when crossing the streets in search of food or shelter that it could be narrowly missed by a passing vehicle or lose a limb because it was taking a nap under some shade and a truck backed onto it.

So this Christmas, with our humble collection of £260, we are able to help save two more dogs from the cold, from near death. The monies will go towards release fee from Killing Stations, vet fees for check-ups, neutering, all required injections, Pet Passport, fostering costs before the dog can travel to the UK when it has a home to go to.

Thank you Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue for being a part of the community who are able to give dogs a second chance at life.

Thank you #MilestoneHotel for accommodating us.

That was probably the hardest part of the organisation – to find a place that would allow a group of humans with as many dogs to be in one place. We were limited in space but it was a lovely place to celebrate life with dogs!


  1. Jill Keiser

    It’s so great that the Doodles and their loving Hoomans could help out two doggies needing permanent homes through the same organization that saved George! What a generous group!

  2. Cecilia Lin

    What a nice and meaningful gathering, all of you look great, hoomans and pooches, Merry Christmas to all!

  3. Sally

    How lovely May… what a lovely thing to do and such a lovely story. I will make a Christmas donation to the charity too … a worthy cause xx

    • Miss Darcy

      Oh that is fab!!! They can do with all our help and the dogs just need a chance at life. Will you mention Hyde Park Cockapoo Friends when you do? X

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