We got dressed up in our Christmas Jumpers!

All through London Town, doodles were getting dressed up yesterday morning.

Crumpet, the labradoodle did not just put on his Christmas jumperHe even had on a bow tie.And Winston too had on a bow tie, Santa’s hatAnd then to top it off with a Christmas jumper!And there were Mac and Maisie – Very coordinated, bro and sis! And Lucca joining in the parade!Rusty wondering what was going on.And Olly who had an early start and came all the way from Yorkshire, had Santa on his back.And little Teddy was wondering who that was on Olly’s back!Yes, we were all in our Christmas jumpers
And the 20 hoomans too! And as you can see …George got all the hugs!You know why? Because he couldn’t be trusted to be in the floor with the rest. He was being angry about something – maybe for being the smallest! LOL!

Well actually, everyone of us got lots of hugs,Coco (from Bristol) with his mummy, LoesjeLucca and JocelynTeddy with NouraOlly with MonicaFreddie with BelindaEllie with Jackie and Violette with MaureenDash with Brent, Olly with Monica and Barnaby with JulieAnd I even got a hug from Julie. While Mummy was busy hugging Winston. But Crumpet (labradoodle) was too LARGE to be on anyone’s lap!Oh look! There’s even a little one, Lillian who will soon be crawling on all four!Maisie and Mac were wondering why they were still on the floor – and went to sulk for a little whileBecause the two of them couldn’t get on their mummy’s laps!

And then there was Winston (bichonpoo) and his brother Theo (cavachon) and their proud mama and papa!  They started the year with one, Theo and ending the year with two! If you haven’t guessed it yet, all 20 hoomans and 17 doodles having a Christmas lunch together!Left clockwise: Darcy, Coco, Winston, Theo, Ellie, Violette, Lucca, Mac, MaisieLeft clockwise: Rusty, Freddie, Crumpet, George, Teddy, Dash, Olly, Barnaby

And on top it all, we left with treats for us and hoomans.Lily’s Kitchen gave us each a box of treats and Olly’s mummy, Monica, made those special yummies for us – and some fudge for hoomans!

Everyone donated some money towards those special treats that Monica made – so they went into the pot of money we collected through raffle ticket sales in support of DOTS London – Dogs on the Streets London. In this time of giving, we wanted to give something back – to those who needed help from us.

May’s comment: Over the last six years, almost every new friend I had met have been through my dogs. And this is the result – a group of wonderful humans who LOVE their dogs and who enjoy a fine dining experience with them.  Together we came together to celebrate this wonderful time of the year.

From old friends …
– these are remaining of the original group at our Hyde Park Doodle Meets …

to new friends who came from further field –These friendships through our dogs have been a source of blessing.

And thank you to everyone who bought our raffle tickets – all proceeds and the sale of dog treats made by Monica went towards DOTS London! In this time of giving, we thought our privileged pooches would want to give something back.


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    What a great get together. Freddie looks like he’s a lay back dog LOL! So good to see Winston looking so happy.😃🐾

  2. Nancy Koon

    Oh the best fun!!!! You guys know how to have a good time….and you hoomans too!!! LOL Love George’s sweater!!

  3. Jackie lalwani

    What a wonderful lunch with such well
    behaved dogs.
    Thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you once
    again May for organising.
    Deepak Jackie &Ellie x

  4. Sian Widner

    Oh how I miss living in London! Looks like w wonderful time!!

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