Christmas Lights on Mount Street

We were at the switching on of The Mount Street Christmas Lights!  There were lots of people out and about and lots of pretty lights!

Mummy and Little Tyke, Mini Tyke and their Mummy first had tea at The Connaught – and me, I was left with security!  They were very nice but I still wish I could have tea instead.


After they were finished, we were reunited and together we walked along Mount Street looking into the pretty shops and watching all the activities.

unnamed-2 unnamed-1Hey! There’s another pooch over there. Let me bark at them!

Then there were some rather noisy events before they finally switched on the Christmas lights on the tree outside The Connaught Hotel!  And Little Tyke went – WOW!


We were all a little tired by the time we left for home.

May’s comment: What a lovely service The Connaught offered. Even though Darcy was not allowed to have tea with us, at least she was able to enjoy the rest of the evening – maybe she did enjoy it. I was so proud of Darcy – she walked away quietly with Security, behaving like a lady.  They looked after her in the Security Office while we enjoyed tea.


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  1. Good girl Darcy.

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