Christmas Shopping

We have begun Christmas shopping!

In America, the day after Thanksgiving is the big shopping day otherwise known as Black Friday.  But here, the decorations started going up even before Halloween. I’ve already been to see Father Christmas. And since there’s no Thanksgiving in the UK, there’s no stopping us!

Our first stop is a Christmas wreath – we looked for a fake one but in the end, we were back at Chelsea Gardeners to have one made just the way we want it to be.  Mummy’s desperate to hang it up so she’ll have to refrain herself for two another week.


We stopped in to look at Christmas decorations … lots of sniffing to do.


At Pet Pavilion in Chelsea Farmer’s Market, there are lots of stuff for us pooches.


We stopped at Heal’s to get the mini mince pies that Mummy loves.


We went to Harrods with Little Tyke – here we are waiting to be escorted to The Pet Kingdom. I took a break – went to get a wash while Mummy, Little Tyke, Mini Tyke and their Mummy continued shopping.


Mummy asked me what I thought of this Little Red Riding Hood outfit at Mungo & Maud – Naw!!! Ya gotta be kiddin’ me!


Then we saw Sara Abbott doing her painting! Hello! Sara! This is going to be a present … 🙂


When we left Harrods, we saw this little vintage Fiat parked outside for sale – now that’s nice!!!  What about that, Mummy?!?!?!?


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