Ciao Bella!

This is Bella, a chocolate Labradoodle. She lives in Washington D.C. and belongs to the Moores.  She lives in a big house with a garden. So she gets to run up and down the stairs and plays in the backyard.



There are three little Moores besides Daddy and Mummy. Timothy, Freya and Claudia. Freya Moore is also one of my godmothers.

IMG_0489Freya, Bella, Claudia and Timothy

IMG_0465Bella waiting for her Daddy by the door.

Bella doesn’t get to sleep upstairs. She sleeps in the kitchen and she stays home a lot.  But she does go with her Daddy when he takes them to school.  And she goes for walks in a nearby park with her Mummy.  When she’s home, she looks out for especially Daddy when he comes home.

Mummy brought her a Harry Barker bone. She told me Bella’s very sweet. I hope I will get to meet her one day when I visit America again.


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