Cockapoo Meet in Hyde Park

It was a warm summer’s day and me and my cockapoo (and two cavapoo and a couple of other “poo-type”) friends met in Kensington Gardens. We numbered about twenty today – many, many new faces.

As we always do, we ran and ran and ran and we chased and tumbled and rolled – but it was definitely very hot for us fur balls.  We played mainly under the tree and drank A LOT of water.

Some other types came to look in on our fun – sometimes we barked at them especially when they are big and black. Other times we just sort of let them in but they soon realise they are not one of us and they leave. 🙂

It was fun and looking forward to our next meet on the 21st July!

May’s comment: We decided to let other poo-types into the group as we get asked all the time.  And passers by stop to take pictures of us and our poos – they are absolutely adorable to look at.


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