Coco Rules!

We love going to Lucio on Fulham Road because they LOVE dogs!  But they don’t just LOVE dogs and let us go in for lunch or dinner, but they have their own cockapoo – Coco!IMG_9852 She sits on the sofa during the day while her daddy is at the restaurant, and her human grandparents dote on her.  IMG_0099_2She loves all the dogs who goes there.

What she loves most is looking out the door at people passing by.IMG_0109_2

We were there for lunch the other day … and yes we were allowed on the banquette!IMG_9840 And Coco came to join in the fun! IMG_9842How fab a place is that?!?!!?

May’s comment: Love Lucio on Fulham Road – this is the MOST dog friendly restaurant. It’s not a specific time when they can be there – it’s any time and they are welcomed. The staff loves dogs, the owners decided their restaurant would welcome dogs (and children) – and this is a proper white table cloth restaurant which is full every night and serves excellent Italian.IMG_0111_2

For awhile I didn’t know we could go in – you would expect white table cloth restaurant types to be concerned about how their clients feel. But they have such a loyal clientele – and they were the ones who invited us in one hot summer day two years ago when we walked past. Darcy was looking parched after our walk and Lucio himself asked us in so Darcy could have some water. He went to fetch a bowl of water himself for Darcy.


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