Looking for Marley!

This is Marley, an apricot cockapoo. He was staying with someone as his owners are away. But  a door was accidentally left open and Marley ran away to look for his owners.  He has been missing since 27th January.

He has been sighted along a dual carriage way, on the A23 Handcross entry sliproad at 2.30pm on 27th Jan. (West Sussex)

He has since been seen in back gardens and as of yesterday he’s been sighted at Peese Pottage Football Club. He’s probably spooked by all the people.  He is still in the vicinity of where he was and has not made it back to his neighbourhood. If anyone is in that neighbourhood, please look out for Marley and either contact any of the cockapoo FB pages and forums or get in touch with us.

I wish I can go down and get him to come out and play – with treats to entice him.  Marley, we love you!  Come back to us – it’s rainy and cold and it’s no fun being out there on your own.

May’s comment: Let’s hope he come out soon to have something to eat.


  1. Nicola

    I can’t bear to hear about missing pets: do let us know if he is found.

  2. Miss Darcy

    We’re all thinking about Marley, esp in this weather. He must be cold and tired and hungry. Wish I can go down and take a walk around there pretending we’re just walking with lots of treats and tempt him to come play.

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