Come on, England!

All dressed up in England’s gear in support of Team England!Paws crossed – hopefully not for the last time!  (Excuse the bow in my hair!)

We even practiced the Mexican Wave!Hooray!!!Come on England! You can do it!!!! I would like to wear this three more times please.

May’s comment: I am not watching the game! My heart can’t take it. I will be writing and working hard at the computer with the Telly on in the background. When England scores, I will jump up and watch the replay. If, or when England is still comfortably winning at the 90th minute – I will watch the remaining of the game. LOL!  And then watch MOTD later on!


  1. Ian Harrison

    Think we’ll do the same! I’m sure with Miss Darcy’s support we’ll be OK!

  2. Cheryl Houlton

    Miss D would makes a wonderful mascot for England x

  3. Jane Hamon

    All i can say is “what doin’ Darcy, what doin’?” Remember that?! 😉😊😁

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