Coming in, Bertie?

Bertie’s all better now and since his escapade, he has really made everyone feel even MORE sorry for him.

So besides sitting on the Caretaker’s desk everyday, Mummy now thinks we should be friends. We have always been wary of each other but it must be said – it’s now more mutual respect.


This morning he was hovering near our front door so Mummy invited him in.


I just wanted he knew who rules here – so it wasn’t going to be just easy pass – he needed to know!

I had all the patience to have him ask for permission.  Soon we got tired of sitting and staring at each other, so we both laid down as the waiting game continued.IMG_1736 Finally Mummy said – “Oy! Whatcha guys doin’?”IMG_1734 So I decided to let him past. Immediately he knew to go to the sofa!IMG_1737 I kept an eye on him …IMG_1738 And then we sat with each other on either end – both eyeing each other.IMG_1739I think we’re going to be ok. I am not so bothered any more.


  1. Tracey

    Priceless!! X

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