Cuddle bug came to stay …

Here comes Mister Charles! He sure takes over prime position on the bed when he stays over.

He has the funniest habits. When Mummy gets into bed, he leaps up on the bed, and plops himself on her – and he’s no lightweight dog!IMG_6563When she finally gets under the covers, he sleeps on her chest, almost wrapping his paws around her neck.IMG_6568 can you tell how Mummy just loves it!IMG_6572Pushing me away form my usual position which is next to Mummy’s head.IMG_6581 But after awhile he jumps off the bed and decides he will sleep under the chair! Weird!IMG_6580Sometime during the night when we are all fast asleep, he jumps up on the bed to resume pole position – and you know that Mummy must love him very much and lets him do so DESPITE his rather grey furry legs!IMG_6575 And there he sleeps till the next morning.IMG_6583Till morning comes.IMG_6597Just when he thought things might be stirring and moves away, aha! I move in and take over … IMG_6619 And Charlie wondered what just happened. LOL!IMG_6608Let’s not there’s also George – he too fights for that spot right next to Mummy’s head. So he eventually gets there …IMG_6620And so it goes on and on – every night and every morning that Charlie’s here. I don’t really mind because he’s not here to stay – at least I think not. When he’s gone, we will all be back to normal.

May’s comment: I love that face – almost as much as my two! IMG_6557And he does give the best hugs!IMG_6636

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  1. Jill Keiser

    Charles is so lucky that you and George are so forgiving!

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