About a cavapoo called Henry

Gorgeous 13 week old Henry is a deaf and blind Cavapoo puppy.  But he doesn’t know he has no sight and he knows no sound.  Henry 08He runs about at high speed everywhere and finds life great fun. Henry 06A lesson for us all?

Henry is currently with West Yorkshire Rescue and being fostered on a small holding at Barnsley. He likes to rub noses with the goats and play with the dogs and cats. He is very friendly with everyone and loves children who are gentle with him. Henry will need a lot of exercise to keep him fit and entertained and so owners need to be active. He needs a special home with someone who has another dog that can act as a guide dog for him.Henry 05It is possible to train blind or deaf dogs using touch.  They would also consider letting him go to a home where owners have experience of blind, deaf dogs.

As West Yorkshire Rescue is a small charity they are looking for a home within 100 miles of West Yorkshire, otherwise they would not be able to provide post adoption support. If anyone is interested in being considered as an owner for Henry they can complete this form and register an interest.  Click this link West Yorkshire Dog RescueHenry 10

May’s comment: If I live in a house with a big garden, I would beg to have him.  He could be a good playmate for George and maybe Miss Darcy could become maternal towards him.  But it would also take a whole new set of teaching skills to teach him – how do you do recall?!?!?!?



  1. Tory Johnston

    If I were in the UK, I would love to havehim if someone could teach me how to train a blind and deaf dog. I do hope someone worthy adopts him and has the patience to teach train him.

  2. margaret danks

    He’s just beautiful! Bless his wee heart

  3. cheryl houlton

    Beautiful boy deserves loving home he will be someones perfect dog xx

  4. Liz

    What a gorgeous little dog, I hope he finds his forever home soon.

  5. Hannah Baxter-Gale

    Really happy to say Henry did find his forever home. With us! He’s actually not deaf or blind and has now become a service dog for my Mum who has MS. He’s such an amazing dog and he’s brought so much happiness to our lives 🙂

    • Miss Darcy

      Hannah, that is amazing!!!!! So glad to hear a happy ending. Why did they say he’s deaf and blind, I wonder.
      I’ll contact you if I may. x

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