Date with Molly

After two weeks of socialising, it gets a bit boring running around with Mum doing hooman things and no one to play with. 

Only after I decided to take myself away to the living room to sulk because Mum wasn’t paying me enough attention,she decided it was time for a playdate. We’ve been meaning to get together with Molly after our meeting at Duke of York Square.

We arranged to meet at The Bluebird Cafe. As soon as we saw each other, we had a romping session! LOL!

We sat outside at the Bluebird Cafe – such a busy road, so we were quickly distracted.There were big dogs passing by, so I had to bark –
And trucks!And then other ongoings!Molly was also very interested in Mum’s bagAnd I was very interested in her! LOL!

Well, that was fun! I got to play with another dog amongst some pumpkins!I’m sorry, Jaffa – I miss you but I guess we must move on.

May’s comment: Poor George, he was so bored running errands with me. Thought it was time for some doggy socialising. No Jaffa, no more Maddie, no Stanley – but we have a new friend in the neighbourhood – meet sweet Molly! She’s a cavapoo! And George is such a flirt!

Miss Molly also has her own Instagram handle – @missmollycavapoo

After this incident, when George kept humping Molly, she told him off. I realised from this incident that George doesn’t like to be told off and he was about to answer back when I stopped him. So I’ve learnt how the squabbles with Darcy happens. He is one very proud and vocal little guy.


  1. James

    George? How can you get over Jaffa so quickly?!

  2. Rusty

    She’s cute ??

  3. Kathy

    I love to see George play. Molly reminds me so much of Darcy. Glad little George got to play with someone

  4. Laura Corfovano

    George is aptly named! What a scoundrel!

  5. Liz Burman

    Good Golly Miss Molly, you are a very pretty girl. No wonder George has fallen under your spell!❤️

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