DeDe is home!

Never mind about football coming home. We welcome, Dorothea Elizabeth!

DeDe for short, she has joined the household of James, Frank and Dante.We know little about DeDe’s history except she was used as a breeding dog. They’re not sure how old she is, maybe 5 years of age. But when the breeder needed money to take his son to some special occasion, he thought to sell DeDe to afford it. She was put on Gumtree when DoodleAid stepped in and intervened.  She was called Cookie then. She was fostered and taken care of when James and Frank saw her on their Facebook page – and applied to adopt her. Long story short, they met her on 25 June and together with Dante they spent a week in a rented cottage in Suffolk – neutral territory.

A week later, they arrived home – – her forever home.

And you know who has been the biggest hero in her story? Dante.Her new brother, Dante accepted DeDe – as long as she doesn’t play with his multitude of balls 🙂But there was no fear for that as DeDe doesn’t play with anything. She lived in a cage most of her life. So she finds it a real novelty to find herself lying on the grass in the sun.And every now and then she goes up to her daddies to say thank you for having me. We had the honour of meeting DeDe over the weekend. We brought her a toy to call her own.George, who is sometimes unpredictable with new dogs, was very gentle with DeDe –He wanted to play with her. But she doesn’t really play yet.  When he smelled her bits, she growled. She growled because she had enough. She had enough of being taken advantage of. Maybe for the first time in her life, she was able to say – no more!

George didn’t give up. He wanted to sit with her.George likes playing with dogs who want to play with him – maybe in time.

For now, while her spirit is still under lock and key.She goes to her daddies –
just to be reassured that this new life of hers is for real …We know she is home.  No more bad hoomans making her do things for their gain.  May she soon find out that there are amazing hoomans in this world who have taken the time to save her and to help find her a home and that there are hoomans who are willing to take her in and become one of theirs.

And when told to a Greek friend her shortened name – DeDe, the friend explained it translates in Greek simply as”Gift from God”.Yup! She definitely is. Because she has already opened many people’s hearts.

May’s comment: Love, love, love DeDe.Do I want to steal her? Yes! BUT she has a most loving home and she has a brother to play with, and fields to run … she’s home.  She’s a fabulous addition to the family.

We noted that she is very willing to be handled – and while we think that is absolutely lovely and cuddly, we can’t help but think what she must have endured to be subjected to being man-handled against her will. I had met another rescued breeding bitch who was the same. Heart breaking. We hope that soon she will learnt the difference between being man-handled and being cuddled with love.Her teeth needs attention and her back legs are weak from years of being locked up.  She will be looked after and brought back to health. Her hair will soon grow out and she’ll be all fluffy like me!She has Dante who will over time show her how to have fun because he is a happy, lively dude! Maybe someday she will play ball too when she comes out from behind her veiled existence.

There was an interesting observation in all of this – the family dynamics. Dante, formerly the only dog has started to become clingy to James while DeDe has aligned herself with Frank. Everything will be alright, Dante. There’s enough love to go around.

Thank you DoodleAid for doing your part in saving so many of these beautiful doodles. Doodle crosses have become so popular in the last few years and all probably bought for their cuteness. But cuteness needs discipline and cuteness demands responsibility.  They are not just cute teddy bears. They have emotions and they need us. So while many have been abandoned or sold on, charities like DoodleAid have stepped in to help. It shocks me to find how many lovely doggies have been needed to be rehomed. So if you know anyone who is looking for a doodle – do ask them to consider giving one who already needs a home.

DoodleAid exists on donations and they also need help with fostering.  Let them know if you can be of help.


  1. Jill Keiser

    Thank you James, Frank, and Dante for adopting DeDe! We know she is in a loving family now and that you will love and cherish her!

  2. Cheryl

    I’m in tears! What a heartbreaking story, but I’m so glad for her happy new story! Thank you James, Frank, Dante and DoodlevAid for rescuing this sweetie pie!

  3. Sian Widner

    Oh my goodness! I am in tears. Happy Dede has found a loving home and sad she, like too many others, endured a caged loveless life. I am sure she will thrive in her new home!

  4. Sandra Curran

    How lovely to hear that Dede has such a lovely new home with Frank James and Dante and such lovely friends to help her recovery from her traumatic past. I too was in tears reading her story.

  5. Elizabeth Burman

    Wonderful to hear Dede has found such a wonderful forever home. She will relish feeling the sun on her face and the soft green grass under her paws. Bless her and bless DoodleAid for making it happen.❤️❤️❤️?

  6. Frank Gee

    Many thanks for such a heartwarming article on DeDe’s transition to her forever home. Highlighting the need for awareness of the cruel treatment and neglect of dogs subjected to by rouge breeders.

  7. Monica Gale

    Amazing heartfelt and heartwarming account of DeDe’s story with a beautiful outcome. Congratulations James, Frank and Dante on your new addition, she will LOVE you all forever just like I know you will love her back with all your hearts. And I’m working on meeting you all soon <3

  8. Maria

    Such a sad story but with a happy ending .look forward to hearing how she gets on in future posts

  9. Steph

    I have met Dede on a couple of occasions since she joined frank and James at her new home . She has a very gentle character and takes everything in her stride . She is now adjusting to a peaceful calm life without fear and rejection. She is now happy . And no longer scared and fearful for her future . Well done James and frank for bringing her back to what she and every animal deserves x

  10. Steve & Rita

    Rita & I met DeDe on the Camber Doodles walk at Dungerness on Sunday. She walked off lead never far from Frank and let Lacey say “hello”.
    Well done Frank & James for giving DeDe such a loving home.
    We look forward to seeing her and Dan again very soon.

  11. Mike Penn

    Bless her she has a sadness about her that will hopefully lift as she gains in confidence.

  12. Sarah Johnson

    I’m in tears too and I’m so glad there are people out there like Frank and James who think outside the box and rescue a dog who’s had a hard time. I hope DeDe has a long and happy life ahead of her.

  13. Sandie

    I met Cookie with her foster mum. She is the sweetest. DeDe enjoy uour new life.

  14. Alison Mullett

    Wishing DeDe every happiness in her new life. Well done Dante, James and Frank for giving her the opportunity to be cared for and loved. You’re special people.

  15. Sam and Lola

    Wow – what a heart wrenching story – and so glad it has a happy ending. DeDe is a beautiful little girl; Frank, James and Dante you have done a wonderful thing and I am sure with time, DeDe will find her way and bring you all as much love and happiness as you have shown to her. xx

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