Rug Dog

We’re shopping for a hallway rug because the wooden floors are getting a bit scratched up by me and my friends. When they come to play, we chase each other excitedly and can’t help but dig our nails into the floor as we make our turns.

First stop – The Rug Company on King’s Road.  When they were pulling back the rugs, the loud noise made me a little nervous.  So I went off to snoop around in the kitchen.

IMG_0635 IMG_0632


Then we went off to the Chelsea Design Center. Now that was fun!

I went off lead and we walked around all over the building, up lots of stairs.

IMG_0823 IMG_0822IMG_0821

I went into every store and behind every counter in search of food. The humans there are very kind and they appreciate my going in to check out their stores.


In one of them was another pooch and we spent about 10 mins chasing each other under tables and all the way to the back offices and around pillars.  Everyone stopped working and stood around laughing at our antics.


We liked the rugs from Starck Carpets. I tried them out to see how I will look lying on them.



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