Did you bring home Noah’s ark?

What are these little critters?

Mummy was in Jordan where there are a lot of Biblical references … img_0224And she decided to bring them home two by two!!!img_0223Ahhh! They’re moving in on me.img_0226You guys – you stay over there!img_0230That’s better!

May’s comment: Unconventional momentos from Jordan.  I wasn’t looking to buy anything but amongst all the hundreds of camels and more camels … I managed to find horses – “Nobody like horses” said Sandokan.img_0236I have been collecting horses for a very long time – albeit selectively. Browsing through the stalls in Garesh, I found all these horses that “no one wanted!”  Often you find these items that are manufactured and they’re everywhere. But I have never seen these before – made of metal, agate, enamel-coated, leather.

I was not collecting dogs but somehow, somewhere along the way, people started buying me little doggies that resembled Darcy. And unconsciously I was buying “cute” doggies that were not breed specific.  The ones I found in Jordan were definitely not “conventional dogs” – made of agate, camel bone and enamel and I definitely could not tell what breed they are!img_0235And while at it, bought my friend two giraffes for her collection – thankfully, she doesn’t have them.  And then two antelopes for Christmas!  So my horse and dog collection have grown significantly!


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    They’re lovely May. Miss Darcy is studying them with such intensity!

  2. Margaret Danks

    She has her grumpy face on lol

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