R.I.P. Dante

When I was in New York last year, one of Mummy’s friends had a big Doberman. Well, you know how I feel about big black dogs. This big Doberman lived in the same building we were in and whenever I came across him I would freak out! Nothing could hold me back from barking at him.

Well, his name was Dante and as it turned out, he was the sweetest and most loyal of all Dobermans. Every time I freaked out, he never reacted to my frenzy – he just ignored me.  But I would still go crazy.

Dante belonged to Carl and Judy.  But a few months later on the 16 November, Mummy heard that Dante had suddenly dropped dead in his tracks – as he was running joyfully around the pool and running towards Carl.  Though I was afraid of him I couldn’t help feeling sad.  I think he led a happy life and he loved Carl and Carl loved him.  They kept his ashes in a pewter urn.

photo 2-1

Soon after, Carl and Judy went on a mission to find another “Dante” – and along came Zeus.  Mummy met him this past weekend and she thinks he is very sweet and at six months, he’s still very frisky. For someone who didn’t care too much about dogs before me, I think she fell in love with him – not a fuzz ball like me but a lean (not mean) Doberman!

IMG_1313 IMG_1314

May’s comment: Who would have thought I could fall in love with a Doberman!

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  1. Otto Carroll

    Try Danes!

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