Dog’s dining guide – finally!

Mummy had been on a mission to find all the dog friendly restaurants.  She only got as far as the neighbourhood where we live and a few in Notting Hill.  And there are more than we expected.

So when we met the people from at Pup Aid, we were thrilled to know someone had done the work already for urban U.K.!!!

We must check to see if all the restaurants we frequent are in there. And if not, we were told we can add them – so we’ll be happy contributors. Much rather do this than Trip Advisor.

May’s comment: When I got Darcy, I have and still do have separation anxiety (or a made up one) when I leave her at home.  So I prefer to take her with me everywhere.


Yes, some people say – you should learn to leave her at home. But I chose not to if I can help it because I enjoy being with her. And to expose her to different situations.  I am sure we will be using it a lot as we travel and write reviews for all the ones we know well.

Really worth looking into this because I enjoy my meals a lot more with Miss D.

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