Doggy Yoga

Hello Lucas!

Lucas is Zavia’s Daddy and he’s in London for meeting so he dropped by to see me!

As he is a Yogi, he gave me massages and put me in different “yoga” stretching positions.



And gave me face relaxers …


and more stretches …


Then I relaxed and fell asleep.


All too soon it was time to say goodbye – with a hug.


May’s comment: This is one example of how Darcy isn’t always afraid of men. She was so excited to see Lucas. She didn’t bark when he came up the stairs, she just wagged her tail to death and gave him kisses!  Very appropriate for Lucas to stop by after a difficult week. So Lucas’s healing touch calmed Darcy and me!


  1. Nicola

    Seems to me that Miss Darcy isn’t afraid of men at all: just the loud noise that had invaded her home. The situation got a little out of hand is all. I’m planning on getting the carpets and rugs cleaned here too so it is really useful to know that I probably ought to make sure that Miss Molly is out for the day. A neighbour of mine does Bowen Therapy on dogs and it seems to work really well: even on a bouncy puppy!!

  2. Nicola

    Bowen therapy is a sort of shiatsu, but not… a very gentle hands on with calmness and energy being used to create calm. Sounds odd but it does seem to have an effect. Molly doesn’t have sessions as such, but whenever we bump into my neighbour she immediately does some for her. She tells me that she prefers to treat animals, I think because their energy tends to be positive for her. Molly is definitely calmer afterwards. I was likening it to your friends yoga really: Miss Darcy looks so very relaxed!

    • Miss Darcy

      Darcy was totally relaxed and she totally trusted him – she wouldn’t let anyone touch her and hold her like that – she would have wriggled free. And she LOVES massages – whenever I give her one – she totally succumbs – legs up in the air or totally stretched out. But some people thought she looked distressed. So many people have their own opinions about things.

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