Doing the Downward Dog

It was a Doggy Yoga experience for all of us yesterday at Paws for Thought!It was me, Jaffa, George and Rusty – all hiving a go at Yoga.We had heard about this place – Paws for Thought from Martine, a pet store and grooming parlour …but then we heard that they do Yoga as well as massages! We couldn’t wait to get started, but oh! here comes others!It was another cockapoo called Cookie. And then Lola, also another cockapoo came along.

And so the class began …Since Mummy had three of us to handle, George was loaned to Natasha,And he was in heaven being held and cuddled. But he soon got jealous of Jaffa sitting on Mummy!And so I swapped with him.And I got the hugs and cuddles instead!And things got on the way – George checking out everyone.And this is what it looks like when doing a downward dog with dogs.Butt sticking out too much, Mummy!  And heel on the floor – and stop taking photos!
See! You can’t take a proper photo when you’re upside down!

Rusty to our right got into it – most of the time. 😉With all that calming energy, I soon dozed off …Even Lola fell asleep!At the end of the session, Natasha read this poem to all of us. But that was not the end of our day. We were all given a dousing and fluffing at the parlour! And Martine even bought a birthday cake for Rusty’s upcoming birthday!So here we are – all fluffed up and ready to go home.Thank you Julie!

We walked around the shops at Battlers Green Farm, and guess who we met – Rooby the cockapoo at Bora Bora!

May’s comment: It was hilarious but oh so fun! The dogs took a little while to figure out what was going on but Jaffa stayed close to me.  George couldn’t have loved it more when Natasha used him to demonstrate. Then he got jealous that I had Jaffa so he barked at us and ran over to me. Darcy, surprisingly wasn’t into being on top of me or holding her, she wanted to be free! But towards the end of the session, all the dogs calmed down and Darcy even fell asleep – must be our calming energy!

But then someone entered the store downstairs and Rusty started barking and then Lola followed and of course George thought he should join in the chorus! LOL! By then we were all laughing. 

It was not intensive yoga but it was yoga with all the positions except with dogs to accompany us and us all taking photos while at it because it was so ridiculously fun to do that with our pooches.We knew about found Paws for Thought as Martine had been to Battlers Green Farm before.  But then heard about Paws for Thought – “an exclusive life-style experience for pooches and pooch parents along with a modern Grooming Salon, … offering a range of services including pooch-participating classes such as Doggie Yoga and Canine Massage, a Refreshment Zone and a Boutique.”  Sounded like something we needed to try.

Thank you, Julie – it was fabulously fun and we’ll be back! It was such a fun day out and come Spring next year, they will be running Dog Retreats where human and pooch can do agility, have a groom, doggie yoga and canine massage, plus other things. And then the humans can have lunch at outdoor seating only for dogs at The Bull Pen.


  1. Rusty and Martine

    Had a lovely day and bought lots of doggie treats! We will be back xx

  2. Jackie Lalwani

    What a lovely activity to do with one’s pooch!! Love your pics May – exceptional photography considering the exercise. thank you for sharing. Already contacted them to investigate doing some Yoga with Ellie . Thanks again for sharing xx Jackie

  3. Elaine Craigen

    That sounds so much fun!🐶❤️🐾

  4. Lisa King

    Wow! Sounds great! Such well-behaved pups. Mine would be running around barking the whole time. George is awesome with how far he has come!

  5. Cheryl

    What a fun and hilarious day!

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