We woke up this morning with a sense of anticipation …IMG_1232Something big is happening today.

Mummy, take your Polling Card with you – it’ll be faster to find you on their roster.IMG_1166Mummy rounded us up and met Joanna at the Polling Station along with SumoIMG_1237Mummy could only take one of us in – I guess it was me!

As we walked in, a lady jokingly said – dogs don’t get to vote. Wrong! Mummy said, “But of course they do. What happens today affect all our lives, including our pooches.IMG_1240We stood at the booth for a few seconds. I looked at Mummy as her pencil hovered over the paper – which box was she going to cross?  A decision needed to be made … Remain? Leave?

We’ve had our say –IMG_1247Now we wait – till tomorrow to hear what everyone else thinks.

May’s comment: Voted, unconvincingly. Now it is the hands of the gods.  Whichever way, we’ll stand by the government to lead us forward in the best possible way.

I walked into the Polling Station with Darcy – only one person hesitated as she saw her but my pooch was standing close to me behaving impeccably. The lady stopped and said no more. Other admins said how smart she looked (I know it’s June but it’s pelting down with rain this morning – thus the Equafleece) and how lovely she was. So no problems going in with ONE dog. Left the other two outside with Joanna. LOL!


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  1. Patricia

    What lovely dogs. This will be the 1st time in 36 years of married life that my husband and I will be voting differently! We watched quite a few progs.on tv which quite frankly bored the socks off me. I keep thinking of the poor farmers and all they have gone through,also all the small companies etc. Trouble is that Robert watched a prog.with James Dyson(whom I also respect a lot) and Robert ended up convinced by him to vote for Leave but my argument is that we can’t all be James Dysons and it’s always be the poorest and weakest most affected. Will get off my political platform now and go to vote and yes we’ll bring Pablo with us and see what they say! xx

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