Introducing e.e.flynn – as in Elvis Elliot Flynn. He is a baby mini Schnauzer!

We were so excited to meet Elvis Elliot. His mummy, Karine suggested we meet at The Orange – another dog-friendly place.IMG_5390Well, hello Elvis Elliot – and Karine!
IMG_5426 Aren’t you just the cutest little thing!IMG_5394And we think he looks like Georgie!!!

Do you like mussels?
IMG_5397 No, I don’t think you would.IMG_5399We think your mummy’s very in love already!!!IMG_5400IMG_5403IMG_5406IMG_5407Georgie wasn’t sure about Elvis Elliot …IMG_5451 I was just a little curious but I think Elvis Elliot was more curious about meIMG_5462It was lovely to meet you Elvis Elliot – we look forward to seeing you grow.
IMG_5440We definitely think George has schnauzer in him.

Well, that’s what we thought until we ran into Wellington on King’s Road. He is a pure Yorkshire Terrier!!!  No we’re not sure again!

IMG_5477May’s comment: Oh my word! I was at first convinced there’s Schnauzer in George.  Then when we met Wellington, they were identical – in size, in their hair – differences only in colouring. So is George a Yorkshire Terrier crossed with Schnauzer? Or maybe he is pure Yorkshire Terrier as suggested by his DNA testing – which we did not believe was right.  But now we have second thoughts.

What do you call a Yorkie-Schnauzer cross?


  1. Rusty


  2. lovely puppy and it looks like he has chocolate colour in him jan

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