Walking on Sunshine

The happy days of summer!  At the park today …Running through tall grass …hopping like a rabbit –
P1010979 Taking a peek at Mummy who’s practising her photography skillsP1010985 She loves the ones of me walking towards herP1010986 It was very hot so we laid on the cool grassP1010999 Looking at the world P1020010And of course there are lots of doggiesP1010965P1010978 P1010982 And as we were leaving I went stalking …P1020012 Slow and steady …P1020015The huntress!P1020017 There’s my prey!P1020011 And darn! It got away – but this was the closest one yet!

And oh by the way there’s this strange pod near the Serpentine. Couldn’t figure out what it is because I couldn’t get inside to investigate.P1010972

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