Ernest goes home

Do you remember us telling you about a Georgie lookalike at the West Yorkshire Dog Rescue?

Ernest is a Yorkie Poo (but George is some sort of Yorkie cross) that was handed over by his former owner – because they had a new baby and there was no room for him at home any more.

At the Rescue, poor little Ernest was often overlooked because he was all straggly with his thin hair.  He had a few issues to go with it.ernest4 (1)Well that was about two months ago, and after being fostered by West Yorkshire Dog Rescue since February, he went to his new forever home last week – to live with his owner Philip Ernest and PhilipAnd he even has a new sister, Jessie to play with!Ernest and JessieWe love you Ernest! And you look so handsome! May you enjoy all the cuddles!  All the love and of course all the treats that you deserve!

Have a very happy life, Ernest – and we hope to hear from you again about all your new adventures.

May’s comment:  We wrote that we met Kathy, the founder of West Yorkshire Dog Rescue at Crufts this year. Soon after, someone mentioned that there was a dog on their website that looked an awful lot like George. We had a look and we thought so too, and inquired about Ernest. That’s when Kathy shared his story.

Little Ernest had been fostered at the Rescue for quite awhile, and was often passed over.  They thought maybe it was because of the way he looked. We tried to give him a tidy up which brought out a whole lot of issues.

But Kathy wrote us last week to tell us that Earnest has been adopted – hooray!

West Yorkshire Dog Rescue is a small charity and relies totally on the public to help them with their mission.

Former IT manager Kathy has set up this non-profit organisation ten years ago. Even then “Nothing prepares you for the heartache of taking in abandoned and abused dogs.”

Writing this blog had opened up our world. If not for writing stories that touched us, we would never have met Kathy, and many other people like her. We have been blessed by the many happy stories along that we have been able to share.  And we cried buckets for the sad ones – because such is this world.  Today was just one of the happy ones.  And it too often comes with tears of happiness.



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