A Day named after George

Today’s is St. George’s Day!

Well, I also didn’t realise George is so well-regarded. He has not only a day named after him but streets
IMG_4049And hospitals! 50174(This is now Lanesborough Hotel.)

Even a private (dog-friendly) dining club in London.IMG_1831-2Even a church – Saint George’s Church at Hanover SquareIMG_5866It’s a very, very big building and George in comparison is very, very small.

IMG_5865There’s even a brand called George! IMG_6920And they even have cupcakes made in his honour!IMG_6721And this next photo is priceless – Mummy sneaked in this photo in the Central Hall at Westminster. No photos were allowed but she just had to take this one of St. George. IMG_6610It took Mummy a little while to give George a new name.  He was called Bobo when he arrived.  Mummy did not like that name too much and so for a while we called him He-Who-Has-No-Name – HWHNN for short!

It was a week after he came home that Mummy aptly named him “George” – on the day George Clooney was married and his namesake.  Since then he has become quite the dapper lad.

As for me, my namesake is well-known amongst the romantics and the learned.  And that’s all that matters.

May’s comment: Saint George is the patron saint of England and as such is celebrated annually on 23 April, the day of his death in 303 AD.

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  1. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    Gracie’s proper mummy is called BoBo her springer spaniel mummy and her labrador daddy is Toby. We hope you’ve all three had a lovely day celebrating Shakespeare and St. George .xx

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