Meeting Mrs. Bernaise at Farmacy

When we published our Wine and Dine list last week, several people wrote us with places we have not been to.  Sandra told us she was going to a new place called Farmacy in Bayswater and we said we would meet her there!IMG_5065 Now, isn’t this rather cool!  Nice decor, unlike most of the healthy places, they seem a bit too rustic and feels “temporary” – this place is beautifully decorated.
IMG_5054And we could sit at the bar too. IMG_5051Oh, hello Sandra!
IMG_5064Eager Georgie was introduced to not-so-interested Bernaise.
IMG_5056Bernaise moved from Denmark only a year ago so she’s quite new to London. They told us that they have found London to be a lot more dog friendly than where they came from.  People would stop and say hello a lot of the times. To the point that sometimes maybe too much!  LOL!IMG_5060And since Bernaise has separation anxiety, her owners were looking for places they can take her to and they have been discovering places.  It was, Bernaise’s mummy who told us about Farmacy.

Lovely to have met you Mrs. Bernaise! Hope we’ll see you again!IMG_5067I promise I didn’t say that.  IMG_5048May’s comment: Thank you Sandra and Bernaise and it was lovely to have met you at Farmacy. We have since added that to our growing Places to Eat list!  This one, a healthy option in Bayswater!  IMG_5061Farmacy is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner – enabling clean indulgence, inspired by dishes from around the globe and supports vegan and vegetarian diets. Located at 74 Westbourne Grove, London W2 5SH


  1. laura

    Great tips…. also Bronte on The Strand is very dog friendly!

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