Fine dining for Princely George

So, what are you having for dinner tonight, George?

Cooked minced beef and pumpkin puree? And I have the usual raw Honey’s, some carrots and bananas? Why do I feel that somehow George is getting the better deal – and I the “raw” deal?

May’s comment: Pumpkin puree is not exactly the everyday staple. After having walked the aisles of Whole Foods, I finally asked someone for assistance and even then I couldn’t find it. Finally someone led me to where the tins were lined up at the very top shelf – hardly reachable for anyone shorter than 166cm! In desperate need to get George’s stomach right, we’re also abandoning chicken and went for organic minced beef. So how did I end up buying organic food from Whole Foods for my dog – and cooking for him?!?!?!

I sense that it is not the food that was irritating him.

After he had been on the chicken and rice diet, he threw up digested food after days of retching bile all over the study room floor, and on the bed cover!!!  He was banned from sleeping on the bed for the rest of that night and the next night. Behind bars he stayed there by himself – and of course the second night he never got sick. Was it the Zantac syrup or was it the diet? Having felt bad for not letting him sleep with us, I let him back on. Sure enough, he got sick again – thick gravy pile – on the covers!!! Maybe, I thought, maybe he’s allergic to my bed! The two nights he was “abandoned” – he was not sick. The minute he was back on my bed, he was. Maybe this is a unique case of allergies!  Well, we know its not that either as we woke up this morning and sure enough he had been sick – but on the floor in the study where he slept last night.

The sooner we get this sorted out, the better for all of us – and you don’t have to read about George’s puking any more.  It is not an adventure – it’s sleep deprivation.


  1. Julia

    Do you use plug for in air freshener in your bedroom?

  2. Jill Keiser

    Hope the minced beef and pumpkin puree both do the trick! Looking forward to hearing that George’s tummy is all better!

  3. Daniel Hall

    Are there veterinarians in London who specialize in dog gastrointestinal problems like there are for humans?

  4. Sandy

    Oh no that’s not good, I hope you find out soon what is making George sick.

  5. Cheryl

    Prayers that George is better soon!

  6. Christina LeDee

    Poor George, I hope he finds the reason for his stomach problems soon.

  7. Sian

    I use pumpkin purée daily, 1 tablespoon, for my dogs. It has helped keep their stomachs calm and poos firm. Hope this is the answer for little George!!

  8. Lucy Cronin

    Poor George! Hope you can get his tummy to settle soon. Sometimes Luca throws up yellow bile in the morning. He always jumps off the bed & does it on the carpet. I keep rags & cleaner upstairs for this reason.

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