Floppy me!

It’s Bank Holiday weekend and I’m R-E-L-A-X-E-D!IMG_5822 Haven’t seen P-R-A-E-W-A for weeks! So I’m just so thrilled to have her hold me.IMG_5832At this point of being floppy me, Mummy is exclaiming – MISS D!!! Be more discreet, please!IMG_5827Ooops! Sorry! I was forgetting myself.IMG_5826


  1. Katie

    Miss Darcy is quite the character…lol…She is like a wet noodle with all her gyrations…I laughed outloud at these photos…Thanks, May…Your photos captured Miss Darcy’s happiness at seeing P R A E W A….

  2. Margaret Danks

    MissD,, flashing your wares for all to see ! You’re a laydeeeeee. But you do look so happy to see Praewa

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