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Sometimes I write about sad things in my blog because they touch my heart. But I have never really written anything out of anger. But sometimes it is good to be angry.  And I am angry that journalism has been giving us such slating of late – for the purpose of sensationalism.

I wish humans would focus on what is the real issue rather than playing politics with us.

We are cross breeds, we are cute and we do not moult – BIG advantage.  How we came about is not our doing.  So don’t point the finger and call us “designer dogs” for we are as “designed” as pedigree dogs are bred to win prizes and therefore bred to imperfection.

The real issues are human greed and dishonesty.  So when the Daily Mail skew their reporting on the wrongs of cross breeding particularly popular breeds to get readership, they are using sensationalism rather than responsible journalism.  They refer to puppy farming as a result of cross breed popularity rather than the wrong of the puppy farming trade where humans literally treat us like dogs or commodity.

And the next issue is human incapabilities in dealing with dogs/animals. We are not toys, we have personalities and we need to be taught how to live in your world. We are living things and we need your understanding.  Don’t take us in when you are not going to commit your time to helping us understand your world because we can’t exist in your environment. If we are back in the wild, we can fend for ourselves.

And if there is something wrong with us because of carelessness on the part of humans, don’t point the finger – use those fingers to sign a petition or make a donation towards those who are trying to help.  Because we need you to help.

May’s comment: Misinformed and wrong reporting doesn’t help the cause. Cross breeding is not the issue.

Cross breeding by chance or on purpose has brought me the most wonderful creature to fill a void. And many other cockapoo owners feel the same.  Pedigree dogs are designedly bred to physical “perfection” which becomes imperfection. Kill the snobbishness – if we really love dogs, then this cross or not cross discussion doesn’t help our four-legged friends in trouble.

Dogs bring us joy and such unconditional love – everything that humans muck up all the time. Stop making the news sensational. Help eliminate the source of the problem.

Daily Mail – article on Cross breeding as an issue


  1. Fiona Weller

    Well said 😀

  2. Tanya

    Beautifully put! What makes me particularly sad is not the lazy, ridiculous journalism, although, of course, this does make me sad, but the comments agreeing with the article from so called dog lovers! Pedigree snobs need to remember that their, so called, pure breeds are the result of cross breeding. Puppy farms are wrong whether it be cross breeds or pure breeds, we should be all on the same side against this!

  3. sam

    Well said x

  4. Beautifully said, Darcy. Lets not forget you all descended from the wolf and should be treated as equals.

  5. Mary

    I agree years sho these would be classed as a first cross or mongrel

    I do not want then registered as pedigree dogs

    Just look at at what they think the Alsatian should look like sloping back meaning back legs “go”

    The beloved Boxer so close to my heart. Once long bell shape faces enabling them to breath

    And so it goes on No leave the cockapoo to be all sizes and all coats all shapes it’s what’s makes the quirky, loveable clever adorable

    It’s a shame instead of talking designer dog they should start searching out puppy farms breeders who are charging £1000 plus for pups that have no health checks parents should be checked too so they don’t carry the PRA gene causing blindness

    Not all breeders are like this but there are a lot and websites look professional. Running the British Cockapoo Society we had a member phone up from an advert in P@H was told he could see the six week old pups but if he came on Tuesday could see the mother!!!!! Alarm bells he asked our advice members advised him to wait he did he now has a super little cockspoo


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