Folds and folds of skin

Poor little pugs, bull dogs and shar peis. They’re not even old yet and they’re needing facelifts!

It’s not cosmetic surgery as humans know how fillers work and other operations, but rather for the dog’s health and wellbeing. It is to save them from going blind or helping to unblock their airways. The number of these facelift operations have increased by 80% over the last four years due mainly to its increased in popularity. But the inbreeding has also contributed to the problem, as it leads to shortening of muscles in their faces.

All those folds on a share pei can also lead to skin infections and entropian where the eyelids fold inwards – ouch!article-1320907-0BA1039C000005DC-641_634x530-2

May’s comment: Dog Facelights – The Telegraph


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