Aha! It has arrived – in time before I go away for the weekend! Or Mummy would have been in real trouble.  Need a couple of tubes of raw meat to take with me.

And guess what they sent along with it – a bathrobe!



I think black looks quite good with my colouring – hmmm, yes, blondes do wear a lot of blacks. So with this, my Doggy Bag and a personalised towel from The Peninsula, I should be well stocked for my baths.

May’s comment: Yes, how quickly they are consumed! Darcy’s off for a long weekend – so glad we got the food in time for her to take on her “holiday”.  Honey’s Real Dog Food delivery on time again!


  1. Alison Rixon

    Presumably as Miss Darcy is away this week there isn’t a meet in the park – when do you next get together

    • Miss Darcy

      HI Alison, we meet every three weeks. The next one is scheduled for the 16th March – usually on a Sunday. But the one in April might have to be a Saturday.

  2. Melody

    Going to start using Honeys when my puppy arrives so thank you Miss Darcy for recommending them.
    Loving the bathrobe….

    • Miss Darcy

      Melody, call them up and speak to Jonathan Self. He will advice you on what to do at puppy’s age. They are very friendly and helpful and will give you samples to try. I haven’t forgotten everything else I promised I would send. Just been busy! When is puppy arriving?

  3. Melody

    They are going to call me next week but very impressed with Honeys customer service so far….and want the best for my little one so going to give it a try.
    Puppy should be born next week so very exciting times, I feel like an expectant mum so no rush for the things (but thanks again) for being so thoughtful.

    • Miss Darcy

      They are fab – not biased. The raw feeding made such a difference. If Mummy would stop giving me treats I might lose some weight!
      Good luck with the puppy – please let us know!!!

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